this is the RMT  Club.


The RMT® Club integrates your hips, core, and arms to enhance rotation power for a more fluid, powerful swing.

Rotational Power

the best club for you.

It doesn't matter what you need it for, the RMT® Club has got you covered for functional fitness and enhancing performance in your sport. Swing with confidence, hit the distance, and serve for the ace.


2 lb.

4 lb.

6 lb.

8 lb.

- All ages

- For rapid movements

- Speed and agility training

- Rehab training

- Light mobility work

- All ages

- A must have in your arsenal

- Quick and powerful training

- Dynamic resistance training

- For all levels of athletic ability

- 12 years and older

- Designed for strength training

- Advanced mobility focus

- Advanced dynamic
resistance training

- For the more experienced user

- 12 years and older

- Advanced power training

- Heaviest club and highest 
learning curve

- For strength focus individuals

- For the more experienced user

free training.

With the purchase of any RMT® Club we give you a library of free videos full of instructions and in-depth guides on how you can use the RMT® Club to train your body for your sport. These exercises were created by and curated for athletes, professionals, and casuals all alike. 

Golf Circle Stops

Cross-Hand Shoulder Stretch

take it from them.

What does a bunch of text mean from us? Hear what the professionals and RMT® Club lovers have to say about our product and how it's changed the way they look at training.

Justin James


"I believe the RMT® Club and WeckMethod will change rotational training and make many other products obsolete. I have never used a more effective and functional training tool." 

join the club.

RMT® Club teaches your body to move as one complete unit improving fluidity, tempo, and power. 

Fluid Integration

The RMT® Club helps improve your range of motion in your back swing and follow through.   

Range of Motion

You adapt to what you don't move. The RMT® Club is not only great for mobility training and R.O.M, but it ingrains coordination and timing.

Mobility & Conditioning

The RMT® Club bullet proofs your shoulders while also strengthening your arms, forearms, and grip so you can hit longer and stronger. 

Shoulder & Arms

The RMT® Club offers core training like no other product, from individual exercises to complex movements that translate directly to your swing.  

Core & Trunk

The RMT® Club is Golf Digest's “Best in Golf” 5 years running for a reason. The RMT® Club serves as the perfect golf training aid and fitness tool. Its design allows you to condition your body as well as improve swing mechanics, rotational power, strength, shoulder stability, mobility, trunk rotation, and balance. 

The shifting weight in the RMT® Club stimulates the neural system and increases muscle activation during regular club swings.

Club Head Speed

The RMT® Club helps build global power by combining strength, rotation, mobility, and balance.


The RMT® Club uses the shifting weight inside it's head to produce audible feedback which syncs up timing and tempo.

Timing & Tempo

2017-2021 GOLF DIGEST

the improvements.


the essentials.

The RMT® Club's patented design opens new avenues for functional training and improves functional strength from rotational power and mobility, to coordination and balance. 

Each feature is designed to work together for maximum output, range of motion, and versatility of exercises and movement patterns.

RMT® Club Features

special sauce.

Fixed Reinforced Handle: 
Allows you to connect multi-directional movement and increased range of motion.

Internal Shifting Weight: 
Creates a dynamic resistance, act as a counter-weight, or provide audible feedback for proper positioning, timing, and coordination.

Durable Flexible Club Head: 
Gives it the ability to absorb maximum impact.

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"Excellent training tool for golf and it also helps with strength through training."

Joseph D.

Jim O.

"It is a wonderful tool for stretching. I am sure there are plenty of uses once I am able to dive into the RMT® Club more, but it is great for getting ready to play golf."

David C.

"The RMT® Club is a well made product and is as advertised. I use it for golf training and I am sure I could be doing much more with it. It is a very versatile and unique piece of equipment and I look forward to using it regularly!"