WeckMethod RMT Club

The RMT® Club Will Change Your Game

Don't just take it from us

The RMT® Club serves as the perfect golf training aid and fitness tool. Its design allows you to condition your body as well as improve swing mechanics, rotational power, strength, shoulder stability, mobility, trunk rotation, and balance.

Use the RMT® Club to engage your hips and strengthen your core to maximize rotation

Rotational Power

" As a coach that specializes on working with junior and senior golfers, I rely on the RMT® Club to get the most out of their workouts. With the constant shifting weight and durable construction, I am able to work on both mobility and stability as well as speed, strength, and striking with my clients. "

" The RMT® Clubs will improve anyone's sport. Anyone who wants to strengthen their core and improve rotational movement WILL benefit from this training."

Mike Hanson

Sandi Clexton

Level 1, 2, 3 TPI Certified Instructor
Founder of Mike Hansen Fitness for Golf

Personal Trainer - Specializing in Strength & Mobility
Owner of Women's Core Fitness

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Balance & Mobility

Cue movement patterns using the RMT® Club's internal shifting weight to improve balance and mobility

Power & Timing

The RMT® Club's features allow you to build the strength and timing needed to create a powerful swing

The reinforced handle gives it the ability to withstand high intensity movement patterns and quick changes in direction.

The flexible, durable club head gives it the ability to absorb maximum impact, allowing you to finish functional and ballistic movements.

The internal shifting weight creates dynamic resistance and audible feedback for fluid movement patterns or intense resistance.


Club Features

Multiple Weight Options - choose from 2, 4, 6, or 8lbs.
 (*We recommend 2-4lbs. for golf training!)

FREE Online Library of golf specific training exercises using the RMT® Club

Hit Longer.

Play Stronger.

The RMT®Club builds the strength, rotational power, and mobility needed to generate power and improve your swing.

The RMT® Club is used by top professional golfers, amateurs, and everybody in between to improve the key essentials needed to play better - rotational power, fluidity, mobility, timing, core strength and balance.

2017-2021 Golf Digest

"Best in Golf"

Justin James

2017 Volvik World Long Drive Champion

" As a former minor league pitcher turned professional golfer who competes on the World Long Drive Tour, my life has been devoted to finding and acquiring rotational speed and power. I have been involved in a few of the world’s most demanding rotational sports, and as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I have seen and used many products aimed at getting me faster. I believe the RMT Club and WeckMethod will change rotational training and make many other products obsolete. I have never used a more effective and functional training tool."


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